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Opificio Golinelli

October 15, 2017

The Opicifio Golinelli of Bologna laboratories hosted the researchers of LIFE BIOREST and the teachers of ten Higher Institutes of the provinces of Bologna and Modena to experiment with new educational formats. At the center of the activity the soil and the use of microorganisms in the bioremediation sector of polluted soil by hydrocarbons and crude oil derivatives.

The teachers worked with the micro-organisms that will soon be used in the LIFE BIOREST experimental area at SIN of Fidenza. The lab activities were conducted by Golinelli technicians and introduced by Fabrizio Beltrametti of the company Actygea Srl partner of the LIFE BIOREST project.

Opificio Golinelli is a unique example of fully operational private foundation in Italy, inspired by the model of American philanthropic foundations, which deals in an integrated way with education, training and culture to foster the intellectual and ethical growth of young people and society and with the goal of contributing to the sustainable development of our country.

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