The communication and dissemination activities are a key elements of the LIFE BIOREST exploitation strategy. In this section you can access of the all promotion documentation, from the Dissemination Plan to the communication kit for schools and stakeholders to the press and publications produced by the project partners.

Results and the key data produced during the project are also available.
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The project communication is coordinated by Consorzio Italbiotec
Press office: Ilaria Re.

Parma Repubblica 11/2018

1st November 2018

Ex Carbochimica, Fidenza as international bioremediation case study. Use of microorganisms to clean up petroleum contaminated soil

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Gazzetta di Parma 11/2018

1st November 2018

The "green model" in the international spotlight. Frontiers in Microbiology has published a focus on ongoing experimentation

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La Stampa

August, 29th 2018

Will fungi free us from pollutants? Visit to the Micoteca of the University of Turin, partner of the LIFE BIOREST project.

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June 12th, 2018

Here's how mushrooms will save us from pollution. Nearly two years ago a European bioremediation project started on the Fidenza site.

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Io penso positivo

April 13th, 2018

Life Biorest here fungus-eating pollution. Discovered a new type of fungus able to eat the pollutants that are found in poisoned soils.

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5th October 2017

CALUSO - I.I.S. Martinetti participates in the Green Protection Day, an event dedicated on soil pollution education .

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Parma Repubblica

19th September 2017

Fidenza, students involved in restoring ex Carbochimica. Training opportunities for students of "Paciolo-D'Annunzio" and the "Solari" High schools.

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Green Planner

29th May 2017

Six projects made in Italy, funded by 14 million euros, were told on LIFE Programme Open Day organized by Life Biorest.

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Libertà Piacenza

21th March 2017

200 bacteria "eat-oil" weaned along the Emilia street. "Polluted land remediation: bacteria, fungi and plants new secret weapons"

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Il Piacenza

16 March 2017

Catholic University, open to schools. "The students of the Agricultural Technical Institute meet the university "colleagues"

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4 November 2016

Life Biorest among LIFE projects presented in 2015, "37 new LIFE Italian environmental, nature and climate projects have been approved"

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17 May 2017

Life Biorest for the remediation of contaminated soil, the meeting with students of Monticelli "Fungi and bacteria that" eat "hydrocarbons"

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Piacenza sera

7 September 2016

Kick-off meeting of LIFE BIOREST "Environmental polluted polluted soil, Catholic University partner of the project"​​​​

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Gazzetta di Parma

8 September 2016

Fidenza tests the strategy to bring new green spaces back to the city, “Teatro Magnani. Life Biorest, strategies for for new green lands” 

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10 September 2016

An innovative project to restore green spaces in Fidenza, "A big project on bioremediation and restoration of contamintaed soils"

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Il Parmense

10 September 2016

A great scientific project  "Life Biorest: Fidenza an innovative project of bioremediation"

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Gazzetta di Parma

14 September 2016

Fidenza, Andrea Massari and Paola Gazzolo, "Meeting at Teatro Magnani. Life Biorest, strategies for new green land"

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Telelibertà Live Streaming

21 December 2016

The Piacenza "Telelibertà" broadcaster dedicated to LIFE Biorest the cover of "Fuori Sacco" show focused on Reseacrhe and Innovation

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For more information contact or 392 4751449, Ilaria Re

LombardiaPress 29/9

29th September 2017

Green Protection Day. Biotechnologies to protect the environment. 250 students welcomed by the University of Turin to celebrate the European Biotech Week.

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LombardiaPress 25/9

25th September 2017

EU Biotech Week Biotechnology is for you! 200 students from Bologna and Modena are protagonists of an interactive game to know the soil pollution closely.

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Life Biorest 9/2017

25th September 2017

@EUBiotechWeek: Science Ambassadors. Biotechnology is for you! 200 students welcomed at the Golinelli Foundation. The #VerdePerTutti contest is on the way

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Life Biorest 10/2017

29th September 2017

@EUbiotechWeek Green protection day. Green biotechnologies for environmental protection. The University of Turin welcomes 250 students to talk about soil, pollution and bioregion.

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Life Biorest and Fidenza Municipality

19th September 2017

Biological Remediation of contaminated sites: the European project LIFE Biorest enlisted 50 students from Fidenza Hight schools

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2nd October 2017

Green protection day. Green biotechnologies for environmental protection. The University of Turin opens the doors to 250 students to talk about soil and environment defense.

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Life Biorest 5/2017

26 May 2017

LIFE Programme OPEN DAY "Green pathways to sustainable use of resources". Networking and celebration of 25 years of LIFE Programme 

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LombardiaPress 30/3

30 March 2017

Lombardy Green Chemistry Cluster "Biotech & Bioeconomy Joint Call 2017. Network, Innovation and Enterprise"

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Consorzio Italbiotec

9 September 2016

LIFE BIOREST Kick-off meeting "Bioremediation, revegetation and restoration of polluted soils." 

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Fidenza Municipality

9 September 2016

Fidenza, LIFE BIOREST Kick-off meeting "Fidenza: an European model to give new green lands to the community " 

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Final Report

The final report of LIFE Biorest aims to summarize the results obtained in accordance with the objectives and the strategies developed.

Click here for download

Environmental guideline for contaminated soil bioremediation

The strategy to reclaim green lands fot he community

This Guideline has the objective of presenting to the local authorities the collected and elaborated recommendations and results obtained through the LIFE BIOREST project

Environmental guideline for contaminated soil bioremediation EN | ES | FR | IT 


Layman's Report

Summary and information tool on the most significant results obtained by LIFE BIOREST.

EN version

Soil pollution by hydrocarbons in Italy

A picture of the state of contamination

A mapping of the state of reclamation of the Sites of National and Regional Interest.

IT version | EN version

Frontiers in Microbiology

October 30, 2018

Molecular and Microbiological Insights on the Enrichment Procedures for the Isolation of Petroleum Degrading Bacteria and Fungi

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I funghi mangia-inquinamento: bonificheranno i terreni dell'ex Carbochimica

April, 9 2018

Ci sono oltre 5mila funghi che arrivano da tutto il mondo e sono custoditi gelosamente alla Micoteca dell’Università degli studi di Torino

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La fabbrica dei funghi che puliscono il terreno dall’inquinamento

March, 24 2018

Micoteca torinese, una delle più grandi collezioni di funghi d’Italia, quella conservata all’Orto Botanico dell’Università di Torino

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Springer International

August 2017

Strategies to Increase Bioavailability and Uptake of Hydrocarbons

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Environmental Science & Technology

September 2017

Mycelium-Enhanced Bacterial Degradation of Organic Pollutants under Bioavailability Restrictions

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July 2017

Sustainability and environmental control. "Bioremediation of soil hydrocarbon-contaminated"

Read the article | Ecoscienza No. 4 July 2017

LIFE Biorest newsletter

May 2017

Biorest publishes the first issue of his newsletter. From our labs: 300 fungi and 140 bacteria isolated | Events: start the school's environmental education path, an Open Day to celebrate the 25th anniversary of LIFE Program, Biorest at BIOBIO2017.

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Kick-off meeting Biorest

September 2016

Today in Fidenza the strategy, objectives and methods that will be applied by the project funded by the LIFE Program. Took part the Mayor of Fidenza Andrea Massari, the Councilor for Environmental Policies of the Emilia-Romagna Region Paola Gazzolo and all project partners.

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RECOVER Magazine

December 2016

“Bioremediation, revegetation and environmental recovery in the Ex Carbochimica Fidenza” a project for the restoration of polluted soils, a European model of bioremediation.

Read the article | Recover  n. 37 Dicember 2016

Soil bioremediation

What we know about soil pollution?

Soil pollution: what are the consequences for the environment and health? What are biological tools and methods for decontamination?

Soil bioremediation

Dissemination Plan

Communications, events and dissemination strategy
This document describes the dissemination plan of LIFE BIOREST. Its purpose is to formalize all the communication and dissemination activities provided by the project, in order to plan and monitor the effectiveness of planned actions.

Dissemination Plan

Notice board

The introductory posters to the project
The notice board illustrates the objectives, methods and results of the project.
Positioned at the project testing places and stakeholder areas, promote the LIFE BIOREST identity to the general public and supports awareness-raising actions in terms of environmental pollution and soil protection.

Notice board, 10.2016


The project at a glance



Brand Identity & Logo Usage Guideline

Logo download Brand Logo usage Guidelines 
Annex LIFE BIOREST Brand usage Guideline sheet

International summer school

Contaminated soil management

Key studies and European models. Turin, 13 July 2018

European soil protection strategy

Operational phases

Urban regeneration


Researchers tell us

How does bioremediation works?


Biotechnologies are for you! #VerdePerTutti

Biorest bioremediation labs


Videomaking lesson

#verdePerTutti competition


24 November 2017

Communicating Science: Join the competition #VerdePerTutti


BIOREST ambassadors

More than 200 of our environment defender!


Live Streaming Green Jobs for a greener future

9th June 2017 #EUGreenWeek


Close-up images of microorganisms

Video-Tutorial of Labs techniques


#EUBiotechWeek Green Protection Day

29th September 2017 Live Streaming


#EUBiotechWeek Ambassadors of Science

25th September 2017 Live Streaming


The industrial cultivation for bioremediation

Microorganisms power


Fungi isolation and growth

Video-Tutorial of Labs techniques


LIFE BIOREST green meetings with secondary school

Ecology and Soil protection


Here's how it's done! Biorest ecology lessons

Fungi as bioremediation allies


Fungi, bacteria, plants allies against pollution

Biorest, a model soil restoring


LIFE success through its witnesses



26 May 2017 Live Streaming #LIFE25NATURA

Life Programme OPEN DAY


The environmental education pathway begins

Biorest meets schools


Research and Innovation for environment protection

Biorest guest of "Fuori Sacco"


What is bioremediation?

Biorest against soil pollution

programma life logo