Life Biorest Ambassador award

Video contest #VerdePerTutti

Bologna, May 15th 2018

Opificio Golinelli (www.fondazionegolinelli.it) hosts the award ceremony of the "Life Biorest Ambassador" competition dedicated to scientific disseminators involved in protection and decontamination of polluted soil. The event celebrate 200 students from the provinces of Bologna and Modena, involvend in an one year of training and environmental education program promoted by the european project LIFE BIOREST.

The adventure was launched during the European Biotech Week last September, and then continued with seminars, lessons and practical laboratory activities for teachers and students.

The "#VerdePerTutti" contest represents the last step in this path, aimed at involving students in terms of pollution, in particular soil, its prevention and its treatment, and encouraging them to take an active part in raising awareness among the general public, through the creation of a promotional spot.

There are 40 videos in competition: short films, interviews, graphic novels and animations under the banner of soil protection.

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