Green Protection Day

Green biotechnologies for environmental protection

Turin, 29th September

European Biotech Week arrives in Turin and Mycotheca Universitatis Taurinensis of the University of Turin opens the doors to 250 students to known nore about biotechnology applied to soil protection.
"Green Protection Day" is organized by LIFE BIOREST, a european project that aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of a bioremediation method for soils contaminated by chemicals such as hydrocarbons and crude oil and benzene derivatives, representing 45% of total contaminants.
The initiative is linked to the European petition #salvailsuolo, aimed at promoting European legislation recognizing soil as a common heritage that needs protection at European level, as it guarantees food security, biodiversity conservation and regulation of change climate.

The protagonists of the day are the students of the Institute A. Gobetti Marchesini - Casale - Arduino di Torino, involved in training program at the MUT laboratories. Also present students from IIS J.C. Maxwell of Nichelino (Turin) and of the "Piero Martinetti" Institute of Caluso (Turin).

Participate at the seminars Giovanna Cristina Varese and Federica Spina of the University of Turin, Fabrizio Beltrametti of Actygea Srl and Ilaria Re of Consorzio Italbiotec partner of the LIFE BIOREST project, to which the objectives and the project activities were illustrated; Valentina Cerigo of the Province of Asti, Marco Vincenzi of Arpa Piedmont who reported the state polluted soil remediation in Europe and Italy and the biological effects of pollution.

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