LIFE Programme OPEN DAY: Green pathways to sustainable use of resources

LIFE program success through its witnesses

26th MAY 2017
UNIVERSITY OF MILAN, Via Mangiagalli 9

26th May, LIFE BIOREST is pleased to organize an event to tell the successes of the LIFE program through the support of environmental protection projects.
The Open Day is designed to showcase the contribution of the LIFE Program to supporting European environmental policies and to disseminate and enhance the results of LIFE-funded research projects demonstrating the benefits generated for society and the environment.

The event provides an overview of the LIFE's objectives, strategy, results and success, focusing on disseminating awareness to the public, the scientific community and the industry in the field of environmental protection and responsible use of resources.

Participation is free: subscribe in one click! Or write to presidenza@italbiotec.it


LIFE BIOREST: The strategy to give green lands back to the community.
LIFE BIOREST demonstrates the economic sustainability and efficiency of an biological approach for soil remediation, revegetation and ecological restoration of contaminated soils.

LIFE DOP: Demonstrative model of circular economy process in a high quality dairy industry.
Life DOP Project involves Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano's supply chain in the realization of a circular economy model with a low environmental impact.

LIFE IPNOA: Strategies for the mitigation of N2O diffuse emissions from agricultural practices.
LIFE IPNOA intends to develop a different approach through the on-site determination of N2O fluxes by means of accumulation chambers equipped with continuous N2O analyzers.

LIFE VITISOM: Viticulture Innovation.
Introduce an innovative system to manage organic fertilisation of vineyard that allow to contrast both organic matter decline and to improve vineyard soils homogenization.

FORAGE4CLIMATE: Forage systems for less GHG emission and more soil carbon sink in continental and Mediterranean areas. Increase farmers awareness of the real benefits of good climate mitigation practices.

GAS-OFF: integrated strategies of GHG mitigation in dairy farms.
The GAS-OFF aims at the integrated evaluation of strategies to mitigate GHG in dairy farm, including the biogas production and the cultivation of biomass crops processes.

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