Environmental emergencies and soil protection

Meeting with Cortemaggiore students

Cortemaggiore, 24 May 2017

Third ecology lecture promoted by the Institute of Microbiology of the Catholic University for secondary school students in Piacenza district. Today, Biorest meets 45 students from the Cortemaggiore's "Terre del Magnifico" Institute to talk about soil pollution, biodiversity and friendly environment solutions to bring new green land back to the community.
How can fungi and bacteria be used to remediate polluted soil? How does bioregulation work?
Here's how microorganisms are human allies. Biological techniques have advantages over their low application costs and high environmental compatibility (absence of solvents, chemical reagents, high temperature and pressure, etc.). These technologies envisage the use of microorganisms (typically native) characterized by a great power to grow, thus degrading polluted soils and applied directly in situ, so without the need to remove soil or water for its treatment.

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