Biological remediation of contaminated sites

Liceo Paciolo D’Annunzio

Fidenza, 19 Settembre 2017

2017 September, 19th  h. 9.50 am, Liceo Paciolo D'Annunzio, Via Alfieri, 6 Fidenza

The Liceo Paciolo D'Annunzio, in collaboration with the IPSASR S. Solari Institute in Fidenza, hosts the seminar "Biological remediation of Contaminated Sites: the European project LIFE BIOREST" to get to know the most modern soil bioremediation techniques applied at the Ex-Carbochemical National Interest Site.

Seminar protagost is LIFE BIOREST an european project , that since July 2016  is active at Ex Carbochimica Fidenza site. The project is supported by the Municipality that has been already involved in an intensive remediation programme of an area of over 100.000 m2.

They will attend the seminar Andrea Massari Mayor of Fidenza, Ilaria Re of Consorzio Italbiotec and Edoardo Puglisi of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.




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