Ambassadors of Science

Biotechnology is for you!

Fondazione Golinelli, Bologna 25th September 2017

LIFE BIOREST, in collaboration with the Golinelli Foundation, promotes Ambassadors of Science. Biotechnologies are for you!" a partner event of the European Biotech Week, an initiative designed to promote scientific knowledge, research and innovation.

"Ambassadors of Science" involves 10 school of Bologna and Modena, for nearly 200 students, protagonists of a "Bioremediation game" to learn about soil pollution, strategies and biotechnological methods for environmental protection. During the event, was launched the #VerdePerTutti, an ideas competition aimed at involving students in pollution issues, particularly soil, its prevention and treatment and encouraging them to become an active part of raising public awareness.

The initiative initiates a course of environmental education throughout a school year, which includes practical laboratory experiences at the Opificio Golinelli, scientific communication and dissemination, related to contaminated soil bioremediation, pollution prevention and more generally, to the defense of the environment.

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